The Global Charter Alliance partners can provide the perfect charter solution to fit every budget and timetable:

Full Charter:
full aircraft charter precisely-tailored to the individual route- and schedule demands of our client

Part Charter:
utilising spare capacity on an existing charter flight, or consolidating the requirements of different clients into a single charter – with considerable savings to all parties

Combined Charter/Scheduled service:
chartering less than the full capacity of a scheduled freighter flight, and diverting it to an ad-hoc destination. Potentially the most cost-effective charter solution of all.

Added value services:
Where our agent customer needs additional help, exercise and resource to supplement their own capabilities, GCA partners can provide a full range of supplementary ground support logistics services to satisfy every possible charter need such as:

– Customized ground handling
– Construction of support jigs, packing etc to protect cargo during loading and flight
– arranging crane hire for outsize loading/unloading
– ground transportation at origin and/or destination

Global Charter Alliance partners have many years’ experience in organizing charters for every conceivable industry, commodity and situation, including:

•    Aerospace
•    AOG
•    Automotive
•    Bloodstock
•    Dangerous/Hazardous Cargo
•    Defence
•    Energy
•    Livestock
•    Mining
•    Oil and Gas
•    Production line failures
•    Relief and Humanitarian
•    and many other

The Global Charter Alliance ("GCA") is a premier affiliation of independent air charter broker firms. GCA member firms maintain their name, autonomy and independence and are responsible for their own client arrangements, delivery of services and maintenance of client relationships. Each member company is a separate and independent legal entity and as such has no liability for the acts or omissions of any other member firm. Global Charter Alliance ("GCA") provides no services to clients and has no liability for the acts or omissions of any member firm.