NEO Air Charter – Europe

ur Europe based founding member NEO Air Charter may be the newest name on the charter scene, but it’s managed by some of the most experienced charter brokers in the business:


Stefan Kohlmann, Managing Partner
20 years in air transportation beginning with major global forwarder, followed by charter broking –  leading to eventual appointment as Managing Director, Germany, for the most important business region of the world’s largest charter broker.

Direct line: +49 (0) 6142 941 3012

Adnan Duran, Managing Partner
15 years in air transportation beginning with a major integrator, followed by charter broking, and aircraft operations for an airline. Former Regional Manager Turkey and Central Asia, then Director of Business Development, for the world’s largest charter broker.

Direct line: +49 (0) 6142 941 3011

From the moment NEO opened its doors in 2011, customers old and new have been quick to bring their inquiries and their vitally important charter business to us.

With our vast experience, enviable reputation, close carrier relationships and solid finances, we represent a friendly, flexible and trusted alternative to the major multinational brokers.

In our first few months of business, we have already handled numerous automotive cargo flights within Europe, AOG flights around the globe, oil- and gas industry movements and a wide variety of commercial cargo flights.

There are no limits to the kind of charters we can handle, or the areas we can cover. We have already utilized aircraft ranging from Cessnas to B747s, and it’s only a matter of time before we will once again be chartering the giant An-124 and An-225.

NEO is accessible 24/7/365. Strategically placed in modern, spacious offices at Egelsbach Airport near Frankfurt, we have direct access to executive jets and smaller freighters . . .  while Frankfurt, Frankfurt Hahn and the other main German airports are within fast and easy reach for charters involving aircraft of all sizes.

Like all Global Charter Alliance partners, we always respect any existing relationship between freight forwarders and their shipper clients, and will not quote direct in such situations.

Telephone (24 hours hotline): +49 (0) 6142 941 300

NEO Air Charter GmbH
Lise-Meitner Strasse 16
65428 Rüsselsheim

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